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"Language has created the word 'lonliness' to describe the pain of being alone and...the word 'solitude' to describe the glory of being alone."   -Paul Tillich


The following events are scheduled for 2017-2018. Please CALL  us at (724) 733-2701 for more information.





Raphael's Group Series for Those Who Are Separated, Divorced, or Widowed

TIME/LOCATION:  2nd & 4th Monday, 6:30-8:30 pm, at St. Bernadette's School on Azalia Drive in Monroeville, PA unless school or Parish activities are cancelled due to inclement weather or a holiday vacation period (e.g., Christmas break). In addition, Raphael's Group sponsors at least one social activity each month. The next social activity is a pot-luck dinner and game night on Saturday, September 9th. Call 724 733-2928 for details such as location, and what to bring.

DESCRIPTION: These meetings will include the series of 12 DVD's that are part of the Catholic Divorce Survivors' Guide, along with some adaptations to the Guide that address coping with the loss of a spouse or partner for other reasons. Whether the loss is due to separation, divorce, death, severe disability, or relational aggression involving silence, spouses and partners can benefit from the support and coping skills that this series provides.  Discussion and content is focused on managing any associated trauma related to the loss, to restoring identity, to using adaptive coping skills, and to using the loss to move to a higher level of functioning. Refreshments will be served, but please bring your own, non-alcoholic beverage.

CONTACT: To register for the group, call St. Bernadette's Parish at (412) 373-0050 or DeerwoodSWCS at (724) 733-2928. For more information about upcoming meetings and social events, call Peg or Theresa at the Deerwood number.




Registration Period for LEAP-Forward Program for Children Ages 6 through 12

TIME/LOCATION: Register anytime by phone (724) 733-2928. Group meeting times vary. 

DESCRIPTION: Children between the ages of 6 through 12 work together with a therapist, with their parents, and with other children to develop leadership skills, academic application and enrichment, emotional regulation, problems-solving, conflict resolution and peer mediation skills, anger/anxiety management, frustration tolerance, constructive communication, and a variety of other social skills needed to navigate complex situations, especially those that involve the need to make decisions related to their safety and wellness, to their use of talents and abilities, and to their management of situations involving bullying and threat of exploitation. This Program can include adaptive, community recreational programs for those who need this (e.g., adaptive horseback riding, adaptive participation on sports teams, adaptive participation in music theatre, etc.). Children enrolled in the LEAP-Forward Program also participate in regular community recreation programs, but do so with the support, help, and encouragement of their LEAP peers. The LEAP-Forward children work together to develop and sponsor an intergenerational activity each year where they can showcase the new things that they have learned, the new skills they have developed, the community services they provided, things they want the older generation to understand and possibly help with, the new things they have developed, and a few good music theatre or Kids-for- Peace songs that they teach, karaoke style. LEAP-Forward participation is available on-line or in-office. We can also bring the LEAP-Forward Program to schools, to cyberschool programs, and to homeschooling groups of children. 

CONTACT: Call Deerwood Family Services at (724) 733-2701 or (724) 733-2928 for inquiries or to register.


EVENT NAME: Raphael's Superbowl Pot-Luck

TIME/LOCATION: To Be Announced

DESCRIPTION: Bring something to share at the Superbowl pot-luck dinner. 

CONTACT NAME: Call or text Theresa at (412) 944-8721 or Peg (724) 733-2928 for details.


Cape Cod Trauma-Recovery and Goal-Setting Retreat

Time/Location: First week of April at the Ocean Club on Smuggler's Beach

Description: Come to Cape Cod, just as it is waking up from a long winter hibernation, at a time when there are no crowds and very few traffic jams.Visit the national seashore beaches, the Plymouth area, Boston Harbor, and some terrific restaurants while recovering from an unwanted separation or divorce, traumatic event, loss, or unexpected life change. Because this is a time of change, therapeutic activities are available on a daily basis to help you solve problems, make decisions, establish goals, and develop the skills needed to effectively carry out those goals after the retreat ends. Our goal is to help you make the post-trauma period of your life one that is filled with physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness. A glass enclosed pool that opens onto the beach and an exercise facility is available.

CONTACT: Call Deerwood at 724 733-2928 for details and scheduling options




Fort Lauderdale Planning and Decision-Making Retreat

Time/Location: May 15th through May 31st at the Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort or the Costa del Sol

If you don't make the Cape Cod retreat in April, and are looking for weather that is warmer, but not yet as hot and humid as Florida summers might be, spend a few days in Fort Lauderdale or Lauderdale-on-the-Sea where you can relax on the beach or on a scenic balcony overlooking the ocean while planning the rest of your post-divorce or post-trauma life to make it one that is filled with physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness. A side trip to Disney World on the way to or from Fort Lauderdale can be arranged.

CONTACT: Call Deerwood at 724 733-2928 for details and scheduling options


Raphael's Group Social Event: 4th of July Fireworks Tailgate Party

TIME/LOCATION: 8:30 p.m. Penn Center Parking Area (Behind Sears)

Description: Bring a dessert or healthy snack to share, a lawn chair, and a non-alcoholic beverage for yourself, and watch the Monroeville fireworks from a location that will work well in terms of fewer crowds and minimal traffic. Look for the red Chevy Equinox with the Raphael's Group sign and park as close to it as possible. 

This free event takes place annually. In addition, Raphael's group sponsors some additional monthly activities, some with little advance notice. For example, a member might just want to go to a local restaurant for some time to talk or to a community activity that he or she just learned about. If there's someplace you want to go to, but don't want to go alone, think about contacting one of the group's facilitators to send out a text to others. Call (724) 733-2928 to have a text sent out to members or to learn more about additional events.


Therapeutic Horseback Riding for Children with Special Needs

Call for details

Alternate Saturdays if the weather permits.

:CONTACT NAME: Peg Christopher 724 733-2928