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"When you laugh or smile, it triggers a part of your brain that can actually make you feel happy."


Clinical services are normally funded through insurance providers who require a mental or behavioral heath diagnosis that demonstrates what is called "medical necessity." This means that, in order to qualify for reimbursement for services, some type of harm has already occurred. Primary and secondary prevention of harm from difficult or traumatic situations is not covered by most insurance providers.

As a platform for grant-writing and donations, Deerwood Family Services is a newly-formed non-profit organization that will focus on both primary and secondary prevention so that services can be provided to help families and family members avoid the destructive impact of toxic and/or traumatic situations. This non-profit invites family and community members to work together with providers to integrate adaptive community resources and opportunities with the more formal health and mental health care delivery systems.

A non-profit, by definition, does not belong to any one individual or group. It belongs to the public. If you would like to become a part of this new non-profit organization, please contact us and let us know what you hope to contribute in the way of employment, volunteer work, grant-writing, and/or donations. Let's make a difference and work together to prevent mental and behavioral health problems from beginning or escalating to the point where after-the-fact rehabilitation is the only option.



This non-profit organization is focused on family and comunity activities designed to enhance resilience, wellness, and positive growth and development among family member in Western Pennsylvania and throughout the nation.

Deerwood Family Services will:

Provide treatment, intervention coaching, and prevention-related psychoeducational services, primarily in the areas of behavioral health, mental health, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and therapeutic tutoring to individual family members, to families-as-a-whole, and to small groups focused on family and local community activities·      

Serve as a platform for grant-writing to obtain funding for prevention-related services not covered by insurance

Maintain a culture of evidence and outcome assessment through home-study reports for adoption, foster care, and other court-related needs; through conflict resolution and mediation; through coaching, through consultation service, and through the development and sale of therapeutic books, workbooks, and other relevant items.